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Implement drones in your operation with easy: The aircraft is available at your site and we train your personnel for handling. We take care of the legal authorizations, regular maintenance and updates in the drones.
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With an user friendly interface, you can intuitively Manage your Deliveries. Here you can:

  • Track all your drones in real time;
  • Follow delivery status (both sender and receiver);
  • Check security approvals;
  • Define new deliveries;
  • Setup warehouses;
  • Setup consumers;
  • Setup and manage destinations;
  • Abort flights.
What about the flight path? It's created automatically… so, don't worry.

Web Interface

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Don't have to buy/purchase any equipment

The sale is yours, the drone ours, you just pay the ride.

Seller and customer connected

The consumer receives an e-mail to confirm when he is ready.

Access to the growing list of recipients

With our web service, you can automatically check if a user is available for drone deliveries.

Integrated payment service

Optionally, the drone takes off only after the payment in our app.

Fully automated, end-to-end

The software does everything, from flight planning to weather check and collision avoidance, including piloting the drone.

Service evolve with the Technology

The best of the technology is always available for you.
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We are helping Farmácia da Lajeosa, in Lajosa do Dão/Viseu/Portugal, to deliverer medicines in remote areas, mainly to elderly houses and institutions. The project received the prize of Innovation from the National Pharmacies Association.

We made the firsts autonomous deliveries BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) within the urban area of a capital. The operation was performed in demonstration to the Postal Office of Portugal (CTT - Correios de Portugal), in the urban area, and was authorized by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC).

We made the first food delivery by drone in December 2016, together with "Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Penela" and Penela Town Hall. The first beneficiary to take advantage of this delivery service was Joaquim dos Reis, a septuagenarian living in Podentinhos (a small village in the middle of Portugal).

Connect Robotics was founded in January 2015, and offers transport systems using drones. Currently, it is focused on the health area, mainly in the transport of medicines and blood, which presents greater challenges and where the need is greater. To this end, it has been working in recent months to develop solutions that meet the transport requirements of medicines and biological substances. The objective is to offer a flexible, safe and reliable solution that incorporates the delivery and handling processes of pharmacies, hospitals and analysis clinics, in a transparent and automatic way.


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