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We already conduct autonomous drone deliveries in Portugal (approved by ANAC)

Connect Robotics automates Drones for transportation, with robust, safe and reliable software for autonomous flight. It is already operating in Portugal, is actively working to make drones integration in the airspace safe as a founder member of the Global UTM Association, and is supported by ESA BIC Portugal, FIWARE and MIT-Portugal BGI. Contact-us to discover how you can be part of that revolution.

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Go to drone2.me if you want to receives drone deliveries in your house, or want to use drones in your deliveries.

We implement the infrastruture, the seller add "Drone Delivery" as a checkout option, and the customes pay a fee for the delivery. Some key characteristics:

  • E-commerce integration;
  • Payment can be done directly by the final customer on our interface;
  • Completelly autonomous process;
  • Real time information of the flight;
  • Easy to use interface for management;
  • Easy integration in existing operation.


Lunch for Mr. Joaquim

We made the first food delivery by drone in December 2016, together with "Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Penela" and Penela Town Hall.
The first beneficiary to take advantage of this delivery service was Joaquim dos Reis, a septuagenarian living in Podentinhos (a small village in the middle of Portugal), who, in addition to meals delivered by the drone, continue to receive the home assistance provided by Santa Casa.
Eduardo s
Eduardo Mendes I&D Director
PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at FEUP, with focus in UAV Control, Master in Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP, and graduate in IT at FATEC. Has 14 years of professional experience in development of distributed and embedded systems.
Raphael s
Raphael Stanzani Business Director
An enthusiast in technological innovation and in new business management practices, graduated in Production Engineering at UFSCar, with years of experience leading Supply Network Design project at Procter & Gamble Co..
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